• My Ketogenic Essentials from Trader Joe’s

    Easy Shopping at Trader Joe’s When you first start to research a ketogenic lifestyle shopping can be daunting One of the first things I’m always asked is…”Kristen whats your favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe’s?”— Here’s a quick example of some of my staples from Trader Joe’s   Don’t worry I’ve also made a handy shopping list for you –Print this list below, take it with you and your all set!    

  • Keto Christmas Made Easy

    Hosting a Ketogenic┬áChristmas While Making everyone happy in your circle of friends IS possible while still staying true to a ketogenic lifestyle during the holidays. Here’s some of my favorite Christmas appetizer’s and a couple easy desserts for you to please a crowd. Charcuterie boards are easy to make and offer a sampling of different foods– load up on all the different meats, cheeses, olives and pickles. You can also use Whisp’s crackers, and some nuts. If your comfortable you can add other non-ketogenic friendly items to your board but– I don’t think its necessary.       Photos by Stephanie of┬áLife Created

  • Kristen’s Costco Grocery List

    Grocery shopping when you first start Ketogenic cooking can be scary to say the least. I’ve made a list of my favorite ketogenic Costco finds. These are my necessities when I hit my favorite bulk store. Print this off for easiness and take notes of your favorite items.