How I Started A Low Carb Diet

One of the major questions I get is: How did you start your low carb diet?

*Consult a medical professional. I am not a physician nor a dietitian, and I would recommend checking with your primary care doctor before making any lifestyle change.*

  1. The first thing I did was dropped the carb filled foods. Things like bread, sugar, wheat, flour, glutens.
  2. I calculated my “keto/low carb macros” with the help of this calculator. I always kept my carbs at under 20 carbs.
  3. I started tracking my carb intake with My Fitness Pal. I read blogs, joined various Facebook groups to learn more about low carb diets and weight loss.
  4. Once I signed up with My Fitness Pal I customized my plan to only track my carb intake, protein and fat intake.
  5. I started to exercise. At that time I was 290 lbs, out of shape and could barely walk without knee pain. I started walking on the treadmill, once I felt I was used to that I started using the elliptical.
  6. Once I was comfortable I started lifting weights. The gym can make an overweight person very uncomfortable which I totally felt. I felt as though everyone was staring at the “fat girl” trying to lift weights. Once I got into my groove I just kept lifting.
  7. I would highly recommend keeping things simple. prepping simple low carb foods made it easier for me to “mess up” or go over my carb limits.
  8. I also recommend making extra food for left overs for quick breakfast, lunches, and dinners.
  9. If your going out to eat with family or friends preview the menu first and make sure they have something that you can eat- if not, eat before you go. If your friends and family are aware of your new “lifestyle” are more eager to help you, and will ask you where you can eat at.
  10. Measure yourself. If you don’t see the scale moving you could be loosing inches and not realize it. If you are still at a “stalling point” check your daily log and see if there is something that your eating that could stall you (too much cheese, nuts, too much fat etc).
  11. Set mini goals for yourself, and once you reach them reward yourself– not with carb filled food but doing something fun, or buying yourself something.
  12. Don’t give up, and keep trucking and you will reach your goals.

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