New to Keto?


Here are some of my tips and tricks for diving into weight loss with a Ketogenic Lifestyle

  1. Please do your research on the basics of the Keto. Some major resources of information can be found online- There are tons of forums, the largest source of info is Keto Reddit.
  2. Always consult your primary care physician before any major health change. Get a physical and make sure that your phsican agrees with your plan to change your current unhealthy lifestyle.
  3. Calculate your ketogenic macros. A ketogenic macro amount consists of the amount of protein, carbs and fat you will intake per day based upon your specific measurements, weight and activity. I recommend using the Ankerl macro calculator here. My friend Suzanne also has a calculator located on her blog here.
  4. Sign up for My Fitness Pal. Change your settings in the desktop version under the “food and diary settings’ to only track your keto macros. This will simplify your tracking and will reduce confusion. Sign up for MFP here. Start logging daily and adding some friends onto your account, this will keep you motivated and will keep track of all of your macros for you.
  5. Clean out your pantry. Donate what you can’t have.
  6. Hydration is important. I highly recommend buying a Hydroflask to increase your water consumption.
  7. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. Research the keto flu like symptoms you may experience and how to help with sugar withdrawal type symptoms.
  8. Meal Prepping is a huge time saver for me, and you can’t fail if you’re prepared.
  9. Join some Ketogenic Facebook groups, find some friends on Instagram and get a support system.
  10. Prepare yourself to start exercising. Start slow, ease into it. It’s going to take more than a day to see results.

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