My Plastic Surgery Journey

(Warning: Graphic Pictures Attached!!)


I’ve debated on posting this for awhile but as all my followers know.. I am an open book.

I recently had a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Implants 6 weeks ago after loosing a total of 150 lbs throughout my lifetime. I have never not had a flat stomach. I decided to blog my pre op, day of procedure and post op journey below.

Consultation phase: I had 3 consultations with 3 surgeons and they all gave me their advice, and the cost of the procedure they suggested. 1 surgeon recommend an extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Implants, and Lipo. Another recommended a circumferential 360 tummy tuck (they go all away around my body and lift up my back side as well) Breast lift, Argumentation, and lipo. My final consultation I was recommended an extended tummy tuck, breast lift and Augmentation.

I ultimately decided to go with my 3rd consultation with Dr. Josh Olson. Compared to the other 2 consultations I had I felt the most comfortable with his opinion and also judged my decision on how the consultation went. He spent over an hour with me, explaining each procedure in detail, how it would be done, how it would look with example pictures, and what realistic expectations I should have from the procedure. He was honest with the skin that I would have remaining even after the surgery, and said that lipo would not help my other problem areas. (bra line excess fat, excess fat roll on my back). My other consultations were not the same experience. I spent more time with their assistants with the actual doctors.

2 week Pre Op Appointment- due to my age I did not require an EKG, nor lab work because I have no significant medical problems, history, and I am not on any medication. We again talked about the procedure and we also talked about the fact that I may need a “fleur de lis” tummy tuck (basically an upside down T with a line from hip to hip, and up my abdomen) due to all the excess skin that I had. I told Dr. Olson that I was okay with this, and that if I was in surgery and he felt that it would look better that he had permission to preform this. We also choose my implants. I tried on a multitude of sizes, small, large, extra large ones. I ultimately decided to go with 450 cc textured silicone implants. I was given my prescriptions at this appointment (pain medication, muscle relaxer, anti nausea medication and antibiotic) At the end of the pre op appointment I paid for my surgery. I did not submit through my insurance company for my procedure, my procedure was all cash pay. The surgery price depends on the surgeon, area you live in, where you have it done (hospital or ambulatory surgical center) and how much the anesthesiologist charges.

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Day of Procedure: I felt like I was going to crap my pants. I had to arrive at the hospital at 530 am, with a surgery time of 730. My husband drove me to the hospital, and the car was silent the whole time, my palms were sweaty. During pre-op they hooked up my IV, put some things on my legs to prevent blood clots etc. Dr. Olson came in, we again went over the procedure. He started marking my body, and once marked we then decided to go with the fleur de lis Tummy Tuck after he marked my skin area. Once I was marked they gave me some medication in my IV, I said goodbye to my husband and off I went.


Surgery Time: I was in surgery from 730-430. The surgery took a little bit longer then expected. I woke up in post op, out of it, and in pain.  Dr. Olson had called my husband, let him know the surgery went well, and that he could come pick me up now. The nurses kept checking on me, and gave me alot of pain medication during this time. I had to be under pain control in order to be discharged.  Once my pain was under control my husband drove me home. (this was an adventure… getting in the car).


Once I got home, I was out of it. Dr. Olson called to check on me, and made sure I was okay, and the pain medications were working. I’m sure I sounded doped up, and I was :). I decided to stay at my Mom’s house for 5 days following my procedure because we have kids, and I didn’t want my 3 year old to jump on me freshly out of surgery.

Days 1-5 The first 3 days were the worst. Getting out of bed to pee was very painful, and I also had 2 drains attached to my hips that we had to empty and keep track of the output. I had a walker so I walked around the house at least 4 times a day to prevent blood clots etc. I text Dr. Olson a few times with questions and he responded right away. Day 5 I was able to go out and I went to Wal-Mart, and drove around in the carts. I may have hit a few things because I was on medications but I had fun.


Day 6- 21 I recovered at home, taking it easy. My husband took care of me, as well as my mother in law. I stopped taking pain medications on Day 7.

Day 22- I returned to work. I felt okay, but the first 2 days back I acted as my “normal” pace and overdid it quite a bit, and ended up having to take 1 pain pill.

I am now at day 37 and could not be more pleased with the outcome of my surgery and surgeon. I honestly feel it was the best decision I would have made for myself.

Dr. Olson was amazing. If anyone wants to contact him his info is below. If you tell him I referred you, he will waive his consult fee! 🙂

Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Josh Olson
1482 E Williams Field Rd b101
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Phone: (480) 466-7355


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